For Suppliers

Welcome to GLOBAS -The Global Market Place ~ where you can sell products and services globally for great profits to an international clientele you well deserve.

* Register as a vendor at an entry level of your choice.
* Set up your shop as that is your Store at the Global Market where your buyers meet you.
* Discuss with your buyers for their unique requirements and any OEM options etc that you may be able      to provide.
* Draw your mutual trade agreement with meticulous planning , mutual respect and benefit.
* Be Helpful to our buyers to find best logistic solutions if you can.
* Complete your sale with clear documentation.
* Give an honest feedback to the buyer that will help them improve and help other sellers.
* Your feed back will help us to rate buyers at GLOBAS.
* Please remember your success as a manufacturer/supplier/seller depend on the success of  your      business buyers.

Thank you for your great service as supplier at GLOBAS -The Global Market Place

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