How can I cancel my order?

To cancel an order you must communicate with the seller/manufacturer/supplier. We recommend this to be an electronic communication with clear evidence of date and time of such communication. Please understand that business transactions are mutual arrangements done on mutually beneficial agreements. Therefore please be reasonable to the party you are dealing with.  In your business agreement you must agree deadline when to cancel the order and how to cancel the order. Dates and times of cancellations must be clearly highlighted. Cancellation of order must be well before items are dispatched.

How can I check my order status?

Please liaise with your supplier to get updates of your order status. Your business agreement must have periods of updates of order status in case of  wholesale or custom manufactured items. Once item dispatched you must be able to tack your  shipment. Please clarify all these points with seller before purchase.

When can I expect refund for my returned item?

Return terms vary as per your business agreement with supplier. Please refer to specific terms agreed with your seller/manufacturer/supplier. Safe delivery of an item is the sellers responsibility. Similarly safe return of item in original resalable condition is buyers responsibility. Please liaise with your supplier  and  get update about your refund.

I don't remember my password. Help!

Please click on "forgot my password"  and get help via registered email of your account. Usually this is an automated support system.

Support Form

GLOBAS   is maintained as a  Buyer and Seller friendly International Market Place. We understand laws, rules and regulations vary from country to country.  But your purchase agreement should be deal specific. If  you need any help from GLOBAS team please contact us filling below form. We are here to help you.

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